Release Updates
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Release Updates

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Budget Manager Experience: New Dashboard pane on the Home Page

With this release, we have enhanced the home page of Budget Manager Experience. The improved home page now has an additional pane named Dashboard.


The Dashboard pane displays the list of dashboards the budget manager can access. Budget managers can open any dashboard via the shared link or directly from the Dashboard pane, as this pane displays all the dashboards they can access. They can open any listed dashboard and update it if needed.

For more information about Dashboards, refer to Dashboards in Budget Manager Experience.

Structured Planning: Rename Template Snapshot

Easily rename your template snapshots now using the Rename option in the Template Snapshot feature!


You can now easily rename your template snapshots with the Rename option, making your template snapshot management even more user-friendly.

As a progressive enhancement to the snapshot feature, we have added functionality where you can now rename the template snapshot you have created. Whether you have used the Planning Control Panel or the Cloud Scheduler to create the template snapshot for a particular scenario or budget entity, you can rename it by clicking the Rename Snapshot option.

  • You can rename snapshots that are already taken or that you and any other users will create. You can still change the name when taking the template snapshot manually from the Planning Control Panel.
  • User access to create, restore, or rename the snapshots is still determined by the Enable Template Snapshot permission and template-level permissions (Input) assigned via approval roles.

In practice: Renaming a snapshot:

To rename the template snapshot, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Planning Control Panel.
  2. Select a Scenario > Budget Entity and select the desired template you have already captured the snapshots and want to rename.

  3. Click the Snapshot icon. A dialog box will appear on the screen.
  4. Click the Saved tab to view the list of snapshots.

  5. Hover over the snapshot you want to rename and click the Rename icon.

  6. Change the name as required in the Rename field and click Save.
    The maximum character limit for the new name is 120.

    You can see the renamed version of the template.

Dynamic Planning: Enable Calculation Execution Status Notification for Views and Reports Flag

With this release, the notification message for ongoing calculations associated with a view is now available in both Spotlight Web and SpotlightXL. Previously, enabling the Enable Calculation Execution Status Notification for Views and Reports flag only applied changes in SpotlightXL. However, now it will apply changes to both Spotlight Web and SpotlightXL. This flag provides real-time notifications to users about ongoing calculations associated with a view that may impact their views and reports.

The following notification will appear when a user tries to save data to the same view:

And the following notification appears when the user refreshes data to the same view:

For more information on calculation execution, click here.

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