Workforce Reporting Enhanced Notifications
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Workforce Reporting Enhanced Notifications

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You can experience improved data analysis with the workforce reporting enhanced notifications for dynamic reports, which is also applicable to Report Collection.

These enhancements are opt-in and will be available on request. Contact Planful's Support Team to enable.

Let's see the improvements that have been made for dynamic reports that elevate your data analysis:

Enhanced Notifications for Non-aggregatable Measures in Dynamic Reports

Unlike the existing notifications with no actionable information, these notifications provide users with targeted and actionable insights when creating dynamic reports. These notifications appear if you're missing the required dimensions or if you've selected all members without appropriate options being selected and allow you to generate your dynamic reports as accurately as possible.

These notifications appear only when running reports for non-aggregatable measures. Even if you add one aggregatable measure to the report, these notifications will not appear.

For example, let’s say you want to generate a hire date report for the employees and select “Hire Date” and “Process Status” attributes (which are non-aggregatable) as measures for the “Employee” dimension. Additionally, you have added the “Amount in CC” attribute (which is an aggregatable measure). So, in this case, when you run the report, you will not receive the enhanced notification.

The following screenshot is the illustration of one of the enhanced notifications:

Use Cases

Now let’s see the different use cases to which these enhanced notifications are applicable:

  • Use Case 1: When Required Dimensions are Missing
    When attributes are selected, but the required dimension(s) are missing, the notification shows the selected attributes and the required missing dimension, and also the recommended action to generate the report.
    For example, let’s say you want to generate a report for the “Hire Date” of the employees. While you've added the required "Hire Date" and "Process Status" attributes, you've overlooked the required "Employee" dimension. So, in this case, the notification would be:

  • Use Case 2: When Roll-up Members are Selected for Dimensions Without Leaves
    When roll-up members are selected for dimensions without selecting leaves, the notification shows the dimensions and the recommended action.
    For example, let’s say you want to generate a report for “Hire Date” and select the required “Employee” dimension. Now, instead of selecting the “Leaves” option, you select the roll-up members. So, in this scenario, the notification would be:

Simplified Dimension Selection Process for Dynamic Reports

The report designing process for Dynamic Reports is made easier by limiting the selection of dimensions You can now create dynamic reports by reducing the number of mandatory dimensions to add and allowing the display of non-aggregatable measures in the report.

Previously, when creating a report with attributes (that are non-aggregatable measures), you had to include the Employee, Position, Employee Type, Home Budget Entity, and Position Budget Entity dimensions. Also, reports with both aggregatable and non-aggregatable measures only included aggregatable measures and you had to add additional dimensions.

This is exclusively applicable to dynamic reports and report collection. This functionality will not be applicable to reports used in Report Sets, Reports with Custom Members, and Dashboards.

Let’s understand this with an example:
Suppose you want to view an employee’s annual salary along with their Hire Date and Process Status in the report.
So, when you generated the report, the report displayed only Annual Salary (aggregatable) but not the Hire Date and Process Status (non-aggregatable), as shown in the image below.

You need not add Employee Type, Home Budget Entity, and Position Budget Entity dimensions, and non-aggregatable measures are displayed in the report.
The following image shows the Hire Date and Process Status measures in the report alongside the Annual Salary.

While the Employee Type, Home Budget Entity, and Position Budget Entity dimensions are no longer mandatory, the Employee and Position dimensions continue to be the mandatory dimensions if the report includes attributes related to these dimensions. Also, the above notifications will guide users to include these dimensions when generating reports containing attributes associated with the employee or position dimensions.


If any default members are defined, the defined default members are not considered, and the member selection is set to "All."

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