Release Updates
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Release Updates

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Platform: Introduced Solution Hub, Planful's Comprehensive Library

With this latest release, Planful has unveiled its Solution Hub, an integrated library accessible through its application and website for easy browsing. You can visit the Solution Hub at


The Solution Hub organizes a library to showcase all our platform's capabilities. It features interactive demos and informative content, empowering prospective clients and existing users to explore and utilize Planful's financial performance management platform to its fullest potential.


Key Features:

  • Access an extensive array of Planful solutions directly within the application with the comprehensive searchable library.
  • Explore tailored solutions effortlessly, accessible to both existing and prospective customers through in-app. Easily search for and add predefined solutions to your favorites.

Benefits for You:

  • Discover the breadth of our platform's capabilities beyond basic FP&A functionalities with enhanced platform awareness.
  • Empower yourself with knowledge of diverse possibilities, aligning with evolving buyer behavior preferences through self-education.
  • Refine your search based on specific criteria such as finance, industry, etc.


The Solution Hub page allows new users to explore various solutions and take interactive tours to gain in-depth information. Contact Planful's sales team for further support if you find a solution that meets your needs.


Existing users can conveniently access the Solution Hub page within their application by clicking the Solution Hub in the top bar. Once there, you can explore the list of solutions by clicking on a card. This will seamlessly redirect you to the Solution Hub page, where you can view the interactive tour.


Let's explore this from two different perspectives:

John, an existing user of Planful's platform, needs some new solutions for his organization's evolving needs. Previously, this process involved building a model from scratch, which was time-consuming and often led to inefficiencies. However, with the latest release, John discovers Planful's Solution Hub, a library within the application and website.

Through the Solution Hub, John can browse the library organized to showcase the platform's full capabilities. Utilizing the comprehensive searchable library, he effortlessly explores tailored solutions that align with his business requirements.

As a new user, Sarah immerses herself in interactive demos. She takes guided tours through various solutions, gaining invaluable insights into how Planful can transform her financial planning and analysis processes. 

For existing users like John, the Solution Hub also offers a seamless way to stay updated on Planful's latest offerings. With just a click, John accesses the Solution Hub page within the application, where he can explore new solutions and features. 

In essence, Planful's Solution Hub serves as John and Sarah's go-to resource center, empowering them to make informed decisions about their company's financial performance management. Whether existing users like John are exploring the platform's capabilities or new users like Sarah seeking to stay ahead of the curve, the Solution Hub ensures they have everything they need.

Structured Planning: Optimized Workforce Scenario Process

With this release, we have optimized the performance of workforce scenario processing. Additionally, when a new employee is added, but not processed, that employee will not be reflected in the reporting cube. Only after processing the employee will the data appear in the reporting.

For existing employees, if their data has already been published and there are updates, the data will remain unchanged until the employee is processed.

Click here to learn more about how you can process employees automatically.

Dynamic Planning: Update to the SpotlightXL Add-In

If you have automated installation for SpotlightXL, there is nothing you need to do as the update will be done automatically. If you manually install SpotlightXL and related updates, you must access the Spotlight for Office Installation Guide and download the latest update.

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